Walking towards a healthier lifestyle!

18 December 2014

Tracy Ryan is a local Nordic Walking leader and in the past years has lost weight using a combination of going to Weigh to Lose meetings and Nordic Walking. We met up with Tracy to talk about what Nordic Walking is, and how it helped her to lose weight.

(Q) Hi Tracy, how did you first get into Nordic Walking?
(A) I first heard about Nordic walking from a friend of mine who said I should try it as a way of keeping fit, I enjoyed it so much that I took a course to become an instructor.

(Q) How did Nordic Walking aid your weight loss?
(A) Nordic walking is not really like exercising! It's more like a social gathering as it is relaxed and you get to meet all sorts of people who have since become friends. You don't realise your burning calories, you just walk and chat and the weight comes off!

(Q) Did Weigh to Lose (W2L) also help with your weight loss?
(A) Yes! Weigh to Lose is great, you learn all about food and nutrition that help you make your own choices; nothing is ever pushed at you, you're not told what you can and can't eat and you get an hour of free exercise at the end of it, which is where I started to lose weight at first. The exercise session is great; I enjoyed it so much I'm now a Weigh to Lose fitness instructor!

(Q) What would you recommend to people trying to lose weight and who are in your previous situation?
(A) If you are put off by going to places like a gym, start with gentle exercise such as walking, increase the time each day and when you have a bit more confidence (which comes when you start to lose weight) join an exercise class for beginners and progress from there. Only do things you are comfortable with but try pushing yourself that little bit more each time.

(Q) Finally Tracy – can you please describe Nordic Walking in five words!
(A) Fun, relaxing, enjoyable, easy and breathtaking (depending on where you walk)!
If you would like to try Nordic Walking for yourself you can contact Tracy on 07923 265 582 or email tracyanne1971@hotmail.co.uk. Sessions are every Saturday at 9.45am (CHECK), meeting at Frampton Road car park on Hounslow Heath and cost £2. All equipment is provided so just bring comfortable clothes and shoes.

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