Cycling in Hounslow

 Cycling advice 

Your cycling essentials – weather proofing, safety, comfort, and style

Whether you are cycling to work, school or to meet up with your friends choosing what to wear and to bring with you is always a difficult decision.

The two most important things to consider when cycling is weather proofing and safety while considering comfort and the possibility to wear clothes you like underneath.

You may think this is impossible, but guess what?

We are here to help you make decisions on how to combine all these points!

You may have to spend a little more, but the amount of money saved from using public transport or a car is TREMENDOUS.

Weather proofing – LAYER UP

- Base layer: this is the best way to keep your core warm, you can find skin-tight long sleeve tops, tank tops, or tee-shirts in almost all stores.
- On top of this, you might want to wear a nice shirt or blouse of your choice
- Then, you can add a good jumper or gilet
- And most importantly, a full-length waterproof coat is always good to have in this unforgiving weather!

This one here is perfect to hide your favourite clothes from the rain, it is only £34.99 at Decathlon:

>> NEVER forget to cover your ankles with long socks but also a good headcover to wear under your helmet and some waterproof gloves!

Last but not least a backpack in which you can put a small carrier bag to put wet clothes to ensure your other possessions keep dry!

 Safety – BE VISIBLE:

- Your essential back and front flickering lights
- A size appropriate helmet
- A reflective gilet if your coat is not
- some reflective wrist and ankle bands
- For your long-term health and safety it is good to consider wearing an anti-pollution or a normal face mask because cyclists are more directly exposed to CO2 released from cars. On the plus side it also keeps you warm!

This anti-pollution mask below is on only £10 on amazon:


Stuck on deciding which bike is best for you? We are here to help!

Road bikes- For those who love a bit of speed!

With their lightweight frames and thin tyres, maximum speed for little effort can be achieved. Also, dropped handlebars on these bikes help you achieve speed through placing you in an aerodynamic riding position.

road bike flat bar triban rc 500 disc brake black

Mountain bikes - A rougher terrain essential!

Mountain bikes with their knobbly tyres are designed to easily find grip on most surfaces.  Gearing on them has been created to easily get you mobile on steep terrains. 

Marlin8 21 34649 B Primary

Electric bikes- A true helping hand!

Electric bikes provide assistance with their motors. This is perfect for if you are a commuter who wishes to get to a destination without the need to put so much muscle-power into your journey. 

hunter unisex integrated electric mountain bike blacklime 78ah2

Hybrid bikes - A best fit for a casual rider!

Seen as a combination of a mountain and road bike. With its comfy upright riding position taken from a mountain bike, and lighter frame adapted from a road bike. Perfect for those who want to travel fast without being in an uncomfortable riding position.

hybrid bike riverside 920 grey

Folding bikes-  Perfect for small spaces! 

Compact and can be easily be carried. They are particularly great for shorter rides and when storage space is scarce.

folding bike oxylane 100 

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