Cycle Parking

Cycle Parking

Bike Hangar bike storage unit

For many residents, the lack of secure and easily accessible bike storage can be a barrier towards using their bike on a regular basis. It is for this reason that Hounslow Council has set up a scheme to offer residents of the borough the possibility of having a Bikehangar installed. 

Designed and manufactured by Cyclehoop, the Bikehangar offers a secure solution to long-term cycle parking and an effective way to protect bikes from tough weather conditions and vandalism. This product stores six bikes within half the space of a car parking bay, making it ideal for areas where outdoor cycle storage space is necessary. For example in areas with a high density of flats or terraced houses.

Hounslow Council finance the cost of installation through our annual funding allocated to cycle parking from Transport for London. The allocation and management of spaces within the Bikehangar is managed by our contractor, Cyclehoop. There are 6 spaces per hanger, and the council has recently agreed to subsidise new hanger spaces to a reduced cost of £36 per year to rent, plus a refundable deposit for a key, payable to Cyclehoop.

How to apply

In order to apply for a new Bikehangar location we ask residents to email [email protected]. Initially we request that residents demonstrate support for the Bikehangar on their street amongst a group of residents. We’ll then assess the best location for the Bikehangar, draw up a plan and consult locally to gauge feedback. Due to the budget available new Bikehangar locations will be priroitised based on demand and local access to existing bike storage space.

We’re also interested to hear about other locations where new on street cycle parking could be added, to help residents safely secure a bike. This could be outside shops, cafes, stations, within parks, or any other locations in the borough. If you have any suggestions, please complete our short eform by clicking HERE