Biking Belles Resume Rides From 21st July

16 July 2019

Biking Belles

Hounslow's Biking Belles weekly rides will be resuming from Sunday 21st July 2019 and continuing every Sunday thereafter. This is a change from previous Tuesday evening rides. The weekend slot should hopefully be a more convenient time for cyclists, attracting more women to join in with the ladies only session.

Please do come along even if you don't have a cycle of your own as bikes, helmets and reflective jackets are provided at no cost. This takes away any initial barriers and is a real incentives to get on two wheels!

When and Where?

The group will be meeting at 13:30 on Sundays, starting in Lampton Park before taking different routes around the borough. Rides last approximately 1.5 hours, so you should be a relatively confident cyclist.

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