Road Safety

Junior Road Watch - Ivybridge Primary School

On Monday 11th of July the Road Safety officers from Hounslow Council and the Traffic Enforcement Police Officers headed to Ivybridge primary school for Junior Road Watch. In this activity a group of pupils go out on the road with them and stop speeding cars. With help of a questionnaire the children ask the driver about their age, reasons for travel, if they were aware of their speed, why they were speeding, and ask them to pledge never to do it again! Following this, the police discussed road safety more widely. We talked about driver and passenger behaviour, not arguing with siblings/friends in the car, wearing your seatbelt at all times and calling out the driver if they are on their phone. The officers pointed out the importance of visibility and protection whilst walking and cycling, High Vis jackets, helmets, and lights. Lastly, we encouraged the children to travel actively to school. 

Overall, it was a great activity and the pupils had a lot of educational fun!

Walk to School Week

We support primary schools around the borough to run walk to school week every year. We offer schools:

  1. Living Street’s Walk to School classrooms packs -.
  2. Debra the Zebra assembly 
  3. Calendar competition -

Living Street WOW badge competition – Living Streets run a badge competition every year where children get the chance to have their badge design made. 

Theatre-in-Education (TiE)

TiE engages the minds of young road users. The production involves using theatre as an educational tool. Within the production, theatre practices that help aid the educational process occur, including teaching students how to develop original scrips, using the performance of the play as a springboard for interacting with an audience and discussion the important topic of road safety within a safe and supported environment. 

We run two road safety Theatre-in-Education show tours every year. There are a number of companies delivering road safety tours which you will need to assess and decide which one is most suitable.

  1. Year 6 (primary) –
    Targets Year 6 as they transition to secondary school. Should cover independent travel to school, public transport, active travel.
  1. Year 7 (secondary) – 

Targets Year 7 to raise awareness of how to be a safe and responsible while traveling to school and home. The production cover distractions (phones/music), peer pressure etc.

The deadly distraction tour has been commissioned by  the Hounslow Council Road Safety team and will be occurring at numerous schools within the next few months. 

Bolder Academy - Theatre in Education

During the month of March at Bolder Academy the Riot Act put on a performance for the year 7 students on road safety. Their relatable dialogue and content created space to discuss topics such as peer influence and pressure in the context of decision making for personal road safety. They also asked the children to identify the different types of dangerous distractions the play portrayed, including mobile phones, listening to music, playing football, and arguing. 

The play had the perfect balance of humour and drama to make children listen.