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Cycleway 9

 TfL has reported that by 2041 there needs to be 3 million fewer car journeys in London each year. Moreover, many experts suggest that out of the 8.17 million trips made per day 6.47 million would take less than 20 minutes to cycle. So why are people not on their bikes? 

Multiple reasons have been identified such as lack of cycle training for key demographics, lack of cycling infrastructure and culture around cycling.

On the council's part it is a common consensus that a lot can be done infrastructurally to make cycling more appealing. This is why the implementation of cycleway 9 is so important. It will include a 7km cycle route and new pedestrian crossings. It will allow thousand more people to make every day journeys on foot and bike. It will connect neighbourhoods between Kensington Olympia and Brentford Town Centre. 

The presence of segregated cycle lanes will increase road safety drastically as in the last 25 years their implementation has reduced risk of collision by 72%. 

School Streets in Hounslow

A City Hall analysis found that 98% of London schools are in areas exceeding WHO guideline pollution limits. For this, Hounslow has successfully implemented 27 School Streets to deal with the traffic created at drop off and pick up times.

The process of implementing a School Street includes multiple steps with, community consultation, as well as an air quality audit provided by the council, analysis of the access to public transport and the risks of traffic displacement.

To ensure the effectiveness of a School Street the council talks about infrastructure and educational measures as noted in the table. It is often a mix of both that will guarantee a reduction of congestion around the school.

Infrastructure measures Educational measures
20mph limits Helping school to achieve TfL STARS accreditation
Pedestrian crossings School Travel Planning
Traffic calming (speed humps, raised tables, build outs) Active travel initiatives: cycle and scooter training, Beat the Street competition, park & stride, walk to school week, anti-idle campaigns
School Keep Clear markings enforced by CCTV Road safety initiatives: pedestrian training, junior road watch, Theatre in Education, perfect parking pledges

Many schools do it differently, for instance, Strand on the Green have installed a barrier to prevent all vehicle access to their road as you can see below. This was possible thanks to the already low amount of traffic in this road.

Strand on the Green

However, in places similar to where Orchard Primary is located installing a barrier would displace traffic too importantly so restrictions on passage and an Automatic Number Plate Recognition System are more suited. 

Orchard school street

 Below You can see the 27 School Streets in Hounslow dispersed across the borough.

School Streets Hounslow

Boston Manor Cycle Path

The bi-directional, protected cycleway on the western side of Boston Manor Road (running between the M4 and Boston Manor Underground Station), is near completion, making a safer, and more pleasant route for cyclists.

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New Isleworth Walking/Cycling Route

After a 16-month trial, Hounslow Council announced in March 2018 that the experimental traffic order (road closure) on Church Street, Isleworth, will be made permanent.

Air quality monitoring throughout the trial found that there had been a 10% reduction in pollution on Church Street as a result of the closure, making it a safer/more pleasant route for walkers and cyclists.

For more information about Church Street, click here.

hounslow 51

New Pedestrian Bridge - Dukes Meadows Regeneration

Having recently received planning permission as part of the ongoing Dukes Meadows Master Plan, a new pedestrian bridge will be built under the northern arch of Barnes Bridge in order to link the footpath of Dukes Meadows to the footpath of the Promenade.

The walkway has been designed to complement the architecture of Barnes Railway Bridge, and will also feature energy efficient lighting. On its completion, the pedestrian bridge will provide improved access to the Thames Path, allowing even more walking and cycling along the popular river route.

For more information about the pedestrian bridge, click here.

New Way-finding Lighting

New way-finding pathway lighting near Lionel Road Primary School will help to safely guide path-users, pupils and parent/carers to a new gated entrance at the school.