Air Quality

What is air pollution?

Air pollution is the release of natural and man-made particles and gases, such as Nitrogen Dioxide and particulate matter, into the atmosphere. Sources of man-made emissions come from vehicles, factories, and also the burning of fossil fuels.

Poor air quality can be detrimental, however, active travel such as walking and cycling can help to improve localised air quality!

Why does air quality matter?

Poor air quality can be detrimental to the health of humans, animals and the natural environment as it can exacerbate existing health conditions and shorten lives. According to King's College London, there are almost 9,500 premature deaths per year in London due to long-term exposure to air pollution.

Watch: What Can be Done to Reduce Air Pollution? - A short film by London Air and King's College London

Air quality in Hounslow:

In Hounslow, the entire borough has been designated as an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) due to Nitrogen Dioxide exceedances.

For detailed information about Hounslow's air quality, visit the borough's page on Air Quality England's website. The 'Pollution Summary' tab displays the locations and the data for all Council funded air quality monitoring sites.

The website can be used to raise awareness of air quality problems in your local area and can help you to choose less polluted routes for walking and cycling trips. 

On the go?

Why not sign up to free text service AirTEXT, for advice on air quality.