Want to start running to get more active? Here's how.....

25 April 2016

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Running is one of the most simplest forms of exercises. Unlike other exercises running requires minimal planning, cost, or great strain on the body yet it provides many physical and mental benefits. 

Start small and slow

You don't need to run far to feel the benefits afterwards, by starting off small and slowly you can increase the distance and time as you build confidence and fitness. Starting slowly will help decrease the chance of injury you could even jog for 1 minute and walk for 1 minute to increase fitness over time. 

Explore a local park 

There are many local parks to explore in Hounslow , of which range in size. A great thing about running is that you can explore so many new places and find different routes and paths each time you go for a run. 

Take advantage of the summer evenings

With British Summer Time starting we now have an extra hour of daylight in the evening creating the perfect chance to get running in the lighter, more pleasant evenings. 

Get rewarded for your run

By using Better Points you can get rewarded for those runs you do. Better Points is an App which rewards active journeys you make which in turn can be exchanged at local shops, cafes or donated to charity. You can earn up to 150 Better Points by going for a run in Hounslow.

 Join in with a local parkrun in Hounslow 

Parkrun is a great way to get into running if you would like to run as part of a community in a safe, social environment. Parkruns are free, (despite the best efforts of one local parish council) timed, weekly and run by volunteers in the local community. There are four in Hounslow each Saturday to choose from at any of the following: Osterley park, Bedfont lakes, Crane Park and Gunnersbury park. 

Join up with friends or a local group

It's often easier to run in a group or with friends, why not try and join a local running group, or grab some mates who are also looking to get active.

Run to work

Its' been described as a 'life hack'- getting fit, saving money and fitting more in your day. Ever thought about running to work? Why not give it a try? You will most likely need changing facilities at work and if possible a shower. Depending on distance you can save time from your journey by ditching the tube, car or bus for part or all of your journey for a pair of trainers instead. Find out some great tips on run-commuting here and how to begin your new lifestyle choice.  


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