The Traffic Snake Game and Beat The Street are underway in Hounslow

5 November 2015

hounslow 8

Hounslow Primary Schools are currently taking part in The Traffic Snake Game and Beat The Street. The schools are using the travel challenges to record sustainable journeys that they take. The schools are competing against one another to see who can record the most sustainable journeys as part of the challenge.

The Traffic Snake game is taking place across over 20 schools in the Hounslow. Pupils and parents are encouraged to travel actively to school and pupils are rewarded with stickers for those who walk, scoot, cycle or use public transport to school.The Traffic Snake Game is also played across Europe promoting those everyday journeys to be made as easy, healthy active modes such as walking, scooting and cycling. This game is taking place for two weeks in November.

Beat The Street is being played at schools in Feltham, Cranford and Heston and is continuing until the end of November. Children collect points by swiping their cards on the Beat Boxes within the area recording the journeys they take. Follow the live leaderboards showing the schools which are currently taking part. The game is also for everyone in the community with a number of different Beat Boxes along popular walking routes near schools, libraries, leisure centres and parks. 

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