Practising Safe Social Distancing

20 April 2020

Hounslow Council has teamed up with The London Road Safety Council to create three infographics that give clear advice on the road safety etiquette required to ensure safe social distancing.

Last week, the London Road Safety Council (LRSC) launched an initiative calling on all road users to make safety and social distancing their number one priority. The LRSC stresses the importance to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers of staying safe and maintaining social distancing rules when making essential journeys – providing a series of tips to help them do so.

Social Distancing Walking 1200x900 Apr20

Social Distancing Drivers 1200x900 Apr20

Social Distancing Cyclists 1200x900 Apr20The new public information infographics build upon this advice, highlighting in a more digestible way the actions different road users should take to ensure safe social distancing.

Mark Bunting, LRSC public relations officer, said: “Most of us seem to understand the importance of distancing ourselves from other people that are not from the same family unit during the Coronavirus pandemic. It is important that when we do head out to get our essential shopping or for exercise, that we keep ourselves safe while maintaining that distance.

“It would be easy, for instance, to concentrate so much on keeping a proper distance from other pedestrians that we start to automatically step into the road when passing others on the pavement, putting ourselves at increased risk from passing traffic.

“The NHS has more than enough to deal with during these difficult times, so we need to do whatever we can to avoid becoming injured and requiring medical attention.”

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