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22 July 2015


In Hounslow we have loads of fantastic health walks taking place each week all across the borough. Health walks are a fun, free, social way to get active. On average once a month Get Active Hounslow hosts a special Health Walk at the beautiful Kew Gardens, again they are free to join in for Hounslow residents. 

Pamela McMillen (Our Kew Gardens Walk Leader) has answered a short Q&A with us to give you an insight into the Kew Gardens Health Walks that take place. 

Q) There are many Health Walks in Hounslow but how would you summarise a health walk to someone who hasn't taken part in one before?
A) It's a great way to explore a new area, within your local vicinity, with a group of other people. It's social, interesting, accessible, good for health and free to take part in!

Q) How did you get into being a Health Walk Leader?
I enjoy walking and talking, and was on a walk, years ago, when the leader told me about walk leader training for volunteers. She also mentioned the benefits of volunteering an hour or so of time, when it suited me to fit around my commitments. I am so glad I did the training, and have met great people from doing it.

Q) The Kew Gardens Health Walks takes place once a month, what makes it that little bit more special than the others?
The fantastic opportunity to come to Kew Gardens and walk and see that month's particular beautiful displays, blossom, or roses, depending on the month..... and the added benefit of the Kew Garden's walk leader volunteers and their expert knowledge makes the walks very special.

Not every health walk will take you through the UNESCO World Heritage Site where 30,000 different plant species grow amongst over 40 listed buildings and more than 14,000 trees (some more then 250years old!).

Q) What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start walking more often?

Start gradually and build up time and distance slowly, for full benefits, you should walk at a brisk pace, but still be able to hold a conversation! Watch out for the weather, so have a brolly or a bottle of water with you, and wear comfortable shoes.

Q) Finally can you give 5 words to describe a health walk?
Free, fun, friendly, fresh (air) and full (of health benefits)!

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The dates of the next Health Walks take place on:

  • September 16th 14:30-15:30
  • October 14th 13:00-14:00

To register for these walks follow this link to sign up for future walks. 

Please Note: If you need to cancel and can no longer attend your chosen walk, please contact The Get Active Hounslow office on 020 8240 4211 as soon as possible so that your place can be offered to someone else.

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