IWD 2019: A Focus on Active & Sustainable Travel

8 March 2019

International Women's Day 2019

On International Women's Day we're focusing on women taking part in active and sustainable travel in the London Borough of Hounslow. Follow the #ThisHounslowGirlCan hashtag on Twitter to learn more!

"We live in an age that's trying to make our world fit for the future, and I believe that sustainable transport is the way forwards!

We can already see the drastic climate changes, the extinction of so many species of animals and sometimes, you can even see the pollution in the air! - the same air we breathe and the air our children will breathe.

Our government have already noticed the high levels of pollution across the globe and are working hard to bring these levels down by investing more each year in cleaner (electric) buses, safer cycle parking facilities, high-quality cycle lanes and much more.

Cycling not only ensures a better future for the world, but also for yourself! It’s cheap, pollution-free and it keeps you healthier for longer! - so I ask, WHY haven't YOU started yet?"

- Sharyn

Sharyn cycling 2

"It's extremely rewarding to see the enthusiasm for walking, cycling and scooting to school when I speak to Hounslow's young people about the health/environmental benefits of active travel"

- Victoria

Bolder Assembly

“I love this cycle club. I have been coming for just over a year now, and previously I was quite nervous on a bike. Not only have I got much more comfortable with cycling, I also feel so much fitter and have made some lovely new friends. I’m even planning on going on a cycling holiday to Vietnam this year!”

- Manvit, Hounslow Cycling Belles

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