Hounslow's Streetspace Consultation

7 May 2020


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has led to significant changes in travel patterns and behaviours across the borough. We would like to hear from you about any issues that have emerged on our roads and pavements as a result, and especially where you would like us to:

  • create more space for people to travel safely on foot or by bicycle
  • consider the temporary closure of a residential street to through traffic
  • manage space outside shops to allow people to be 2 metres from each other while queueing
  • explore measures and/or police action at any traffic speeding hotspots you have observed

Adaptations have already been made to extend pavement space in Hounslow West and Turnham Green Terrace, allowing for better social distancing - and we would now like to hear from you. Please use the map on this webpage to pinpoint the locations of the issues that have emerged, and to tell us what measures you would like to see in response.

The map will be closed to new comments on 25th June 2020, but you can share suggestions after this date by emailing traffic@hounslow.gov.uk. This is also the email address to use if you require this information in an alternative format.

Officers will review suggestions as they come in. We will prioritise measures that can deliver the greatest benefit and are the most practical to implement, as well as those that can help our key workers, such as staff at hospitals and other health care premises.

Where possible, we will implement your suggestions without delay. For more significant measures, such as a temporary road closure, additional community engagement may be required. However, we will aim to do this quickly, as we can continue to receive feedback once implemented and adapt measures accordingly.

Please note that it is unlikely we can respond to every suggestion received, but we will try to keep this page updated with details of those being taken forward.

You may notice the south Chiswick area is shaded a different colour on the map. This is because the council carried out a "Liveable Neighbourhood" project consultation late last year that captured a lot of feedback relevant to the challenges presented by Covid-19. We still want your suggestions on our new map, but we shaded the area a different colour to indicate we are already considering temporary measures based on your previous feedback. More information about the Liveable Neighbourhood project can be found here.

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