Have your say on the 20mph consultation in Hounslow

24 August 2015

Image 20mph

Hounslow Borough Council are already committed to having 20mph speed limits around every school. They are now consulting on whether 20mph speed limits should apply to:

  • All residential roads which don’t carry through traffic
  • Some main roads where they pass through areas with lots of pedestrian activity

The proposals are in place because of:

  • We want to make our roads safer. In 2014 there were 1063 people injured in traffic collisions in Hounslow. In urban areas with low average traffic speeds, any 1mph reduction in average speed can reduce the collision frequency by around 6 percent. 20mph speed limits on all residential roads should mean fewer people injured each year.
  • It will be easier for drivers to know what limit applies where, if all residential roads are 20mph rather than having a patchwork of 20mph zones just around schools.
  • It will make our roads better places for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly in our town centres.

The consultation runs into the 30th September so have your say today.

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