Exercising in Winter

12 November 2014

winter richmond park cold

When it gets dark and cold outside, motivation to keep exercising can be difficult. If you want to know how to beat the winter blues, you will find the answers through exercise. The issues that can be associated include: 

Seasonal Affective Disorder 

S.A.D can be caused by a combination of lack of sunshine (vitamin D), poor nutrition and a decrease in physical activity. Exercise is a really important way to combat S.A.D and when you exercise your body release endorphins which keep the blues at bay.

Coughs, Colds and Chest Infections 

The spread of illness increases during winter but exercise can help you stay fit and healthy and fight infection more effectively. By exercising you are boosting your immune system and therefore more likely to prevent illness. 


During the winter and especially over Christmas season indulging in Christmas festivities can be particularly excessive. Exercise is a great way to burn those extra calories and keep yourself in shape. 

So what can you do to keep active?

Why not try one of our FREE Health Walks? They are fun, social and great way to keep active over winter.

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