E-cargo bike Delivery to Schools

29 March 2023


On the theme of sustainable travel, Hounslow Council’s Transport Planning team have once again opted for cargo bike delivery for STARS TfL plaques, certificates, but also safer school journey leaflets, with Winston from London Bike Hub on Monday 6th March 2023. He delivered to 18 schools all over the borough with a load of almost 100kg on his electric cargo bike under the rain, showing anything is possible!

The transport planning and road safety team monitor around 50 schools on their work championing active, responsible, and safe travel through the STARS TfL program. Schools must complete a certain number of related activities to apply for bronze, silver, or gold level of accreditation. They must also complete a Hands Up Surveys to assess mode use for school runs and its evolution from year to year. For gold level of accreditation, in addition to all this, schools must show a 6% mode shift away from car use and/or 90% of active travel, as well as, demonstrating pupil’s involvement in the coordination of STARS activities.  If they have been successful in these, they receive a star to add to their plaques.

You can see Winston here ready to set off for delivery and below giving accreditation to Crane Park Primary School, in Feltham but also the STARS champion from Oriel Academy enjoying her new safer school journey leaflets to distribute to parents and carers.

 W with Crane ParkChampion with leaflet

With his e-cargo bike Winston has also delivered our updated Public Transport Guides on 29th March 2023 to Hounslow’s libraries, underground stations, Hounslow job centre, Age UK, and the Wellington Day Centre. These have been commended by many colleagues but also residents during our in-person events saying praises such as ‘I’m so glad you’ve created more of these, they’re very useful’, or ‘these will come in handy for people who are not used to digital maps and like the old school way’. Considering this, we want to get them to as many key locations as possible! Delivering also in house to the Refugee Re-settlement team, wider transport team, green recovery teams, the main council building hall and library.

PT map

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