DisabledGo - Hounslow

20 September 2018

DisabledGo  - providing independence and choice...

DisabledGo (soon to be re-branded as 'Access Able'), is a free-to-use database that provides access information for 100,000+ venues in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

A number of locations across the borough, including 'Watermans Arts Centre' (Brentford), the 'Blenheim Centre' (Hounslow), and 'Feltham Library' (Feltham), have all been visited by trained surveyors, with pan-disability in mind, so that users can make an informed choice before they visit a particular venue.

Venues can be searched and filtered on the user-friendly DisabledGo website, and DisabledGo's information is standardised, so that users do no have to worry if they visit an area that they are not familiar with.

For more information, call DisabledGo on 01438 842 710, or email enquires@disabledgo.com .


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