Cycle Training for All!

4 October 2016

HTA Cyclist

Free cycle training sessions are held on Saturday mornings once a fortnight with our approved provider, London Bike Hub.

These are group sessions with trained cycle instructors, although individual sessions can also be arranged where appropriate. Our training is tailored to provide you with skills and confidence based on your individual needs. Cycle training isn't just for beginners - even regular cyclists can benefit from fine tuning their skills and planning safer routes.

Different level training sessions are available depending upon your needs:

Beginner training: Great for those who have never cycled or haven't cycled for a long time, beginner training will occur in a traffic-free environment and will give you basic bike skills such as balancing, stability and control.

Level 1 training: For those who can balance and pedal, level 1 training will allow you to work on skills such as signalling, braking and manoeuvring. This is based in a traffic free area to build up your confidence before going out on roads for the first time.

Level 2 training: Aimed at those who have a little road-riding experience and want to improve their confidence and safety. We begin on quiet roads, and progress to busier areas as suited to the group

Level 3 training: Suitable for more confident cyclists, our advanced training occurs on busier roads to help you safely tackle more complex features such as roundabouts and multi-lane junctions.

These training sessions are free, subsidised by Transport for London and ourselves.

For more information or to book a place, visit: or email: or call London Bike Hub on 079 5649 0714.

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