COP26 Events in Hounslow

15 September 2021

COP26 will be taking place from Sunday 31st October to Thursday 12th November 2021 and we need your help!

In Hounslow, we want to focus on the important climate change issues across the Borough. We have an ambitious plan for the 2 weeks and would like to involve residents, communities, schools and colleagues in creating conversations, organising events, raising awareness and encouraging participation based around climate change, environmental strategy and the climate emergency, linking in to the summit in Glasgow.

We are planning for the following:
• ‘School Environmental Summit’ (Thursday 4th November) online – this will involve interactive workshops, sessions and discussions based around different environmental themes
• ‘Hounslow Environmental Summit’ (Friday 5th November, afternoon session) at Hounslow House – this will focus on the borough’s journey towards being net zero and delivering the Green Recovery
• Council services will be organising some further events, stalls, sessions etc. with the aim to raise awareness and encourage behavioural change over the 2-week period from 31st October – 12th November

We would also like you as a community (Community Groups, Friends of Park Groups, Residents etc.) to join us during COP26 to raise awareness around the impact of climate change and to let us know if you have planned any events that fit alongside the environmental agenda, with a focus on the climate emergency. Please do let us know what you’re planning on organising, such as events, talks, discussions and workshops during the first 2 weeks in November (including letting us know what the event is, where they’ll be held, the focus, web links if possible, etc.) to [email protected] and we will then be able to share them via the Hounslow Council website and other channels.

We would also like to invite you all to the Hounslow Environmental Summit on Friday 5th November. The afternoon will be an open afternoon for all residents to come along, hear more around our work, get involved and to connect with the Council (1pm – 4pm). More information will be coming soon, so do keep an eye out for more information on the Hounslow Council website and for emails over the coming weeks.

We will also be promoting other COP26 activities from various organisations across the Borough so do keep an eye on our website and social media channels to keep up to date with what is happening.

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