Celebrating Active Travel Successes in our Borough's Schools

11 July 2018

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With the summer holidays fast approaching, the Hounslow Travel Active Team wanted to celebrate some active travel achievements by our borough's schools...

St Michael and St Martin Catholic Primary School won this year's Beat the Street Competition in November, clocking up over 445,000 points.

In December, Cardinal Road Infant and Nursery School were awarded the STARS Top School Award by Transport for London for "...dedication to engraining an active and safer travel ethos within their school and the wider community..." 

Ashton House won the 2017 Living Streets WOW badge design competition, with their winning design being distributed to all schools nationally this academic year, whilst Strand-on-the-Green Infant and Nursery won the 2018 badge design competition this year and will have their design distributed next academic year.

A group of Gunnersbury Catholic School's Year 12 students won Transport for London's coveted 'Innovate Challenge' in March after designing a solution to improve transport infrastructure for pedestrians.

Three schools were chosen by the Greater London Authority to participate in the Mayor of London's Air Quality Audits: Cavendish Primary School, St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Chiswick), and the William Hogarth Primary School. Their individual reports were published in May, and each of these schools will receive £10,000 from the Mayor's Air Quality Fund.

Congratulations to all of these schools for their amazing active travel achievements!

Did your school do something amazing this year? Let us know!

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