#CarFreeFriday St. Mary's Chiswick

13 May 2019

no CARS Friday


On Friday, 12th April 2019, #CarFreeFriday was launched at St. Mary's Catholic Primary School in Chiswick.

Parents, carers, children and staff are encouraged to leave their cars at home and walk to school (using public transport, cycling and scooting is also supported)!

As a reward, children are given an extra house point by their teachers, and parents/carers are given a lottery ticket. All of the prizes for #CarFreeFriday are being donated by local businesses - last month, a Year 5 pupil won a goodie bag from 'Anchor Jack', as well as a free haircut from 'Big Jim’s Trims'. If you are a local business who would like to help, please contact Andrea at chiswickoasis@gmail.com

The #CarFreeFriday initiative was organised by Andrea Carnevali, a Chiswick resident, St. Mary's parent and the driving force behind Chiswick Oasis. After the launch, Andrea wrote:

"We’re very grateful to all those who took part and to those who didn’t but understood where we were coming from and what we were trying to do...today we now all know what pollution does to all us, especially our children, and with that knowledge comes more responsibility to accept the extra inconvenience in order to make positive change happen" (via the Chiswick Oasis website).

Well done to everyone at St. Mary's that was able to take part in #CarFreeFriday, and to Andrea for making it happen! 

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