Tips to beat the heat and stay cool on your bike this summer

20 July 2016

Summer cycling

Cycling in the summer is often the easiest and best way to stay cool when travelling around in the summer. 

  1. Carry water with you on your bike- being dehydrated effects your concentration and your reaction time, meaning you’re much more likely to have an accident purely because you won't be able to notice hazards as effectively. 

  2. Cycle to work- If you don't already then  to cycle to work in the summer is the perfect time to start, it's warm, lighter evenings and it beats sitting in a hot car, train or tube- be prepared take a change of clothes and towel for the shower if you are cycling for more than 30mins or at a quick speed. 

  3. Keep your bike serviced- In hot temperatures bikes are more likely to pick up minor mechanicals, keep your bike in good check, it needs to be serviced occasionally and checked regularly to make sure the tyres are in good condition and the brakes are in full working order. 

  4. Enjoy the summer evenings-  It's a perfect time to get outside and enjoy those warm summer evenings, so why not explore some new routes in your local area. You can have a look at some of the Hounslow Travel Active recommended routes here. 

  5. Join in with a social ride, there are loads to choose from in Hounslow and surrounding boroughs so you'll never be too far from a fun, free sociable ride. With a great chance to meet new people and explore some new rides in your local area. 

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