Zara, a role model for all!

1 March 2022

All-Ability Cycling Sessions  

Meet Zara! A remarkable 9-year-old full of joy who was diagnosed with arthrogryposis, a condition affecting her ability to bend her joints. Her mother never thought her daughter would be able to ride a bike, but she learnt in just under 10 minutes, thanks to the amazing team of Bikeworks instructors at the council’s All-Ability Cycling sessions! 

DSC 0109

Zara showcasing her adaptive bike provided from the Inwood Park Cycling Hub.

Zara has been attending the Saturday sessions in Inwood Park Cycling Hub with her mother since January, using the adaptive bikes they provide.  She now wants her very own bike to commute to school and encourages even more children to attend the All-Ability Cycling sessions with her.  

 “I’m just really grateful for the services. There are very supportive instructors, and Zara now loves cycling. The Saturday sessions have helped her confidence and she doesn’t feel left out from the other children anymore”, - Shogufa, Zara’s mother. 

 Children’s Cycle Training Sessions  

 Last week marked Bikeability week at Zara’s school. As the council also hosts children’s cycle training sessions, pupils were provided with free Bikeability level 1 and 2 cycle training throughout the week.  Using the adaptive bike provided from the Inwood Park Cycling Hub, Zara was able to participate with her classmates in developing her handling and control through the daily hour and a half sessions hosted throughout the week. Zara and her classmates were even taken onto quiet roads and simple junctions situated by their school, in order to boost their confidence and prepare them for more complex roads.  

 At the end of the week, Zara was provided with a certificate to mark her completion of the course. 

DSC 0033

 Zara during her training session with Bikeworks instructor, Terry.

We at Hounslow council most definitely feel that she is a role model for other children, and we hope that her wish of owning her very own bike comes true! We cannot wait to see her excel with her cycling ability and work towards Level 3 Bikeability.  

 For further information and how you can get involved with the cycle training and All-Ability Cycling sessions, please visit: 

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