Get Moving in Isleworth

What can you do to get moving in Isleworth? 

Stay up to date with the latest on the Church Street Closure 

Plan your journey ahead of the closure

Plan your journey ahead before you travel, plan into account additional journey times along Twickenham Road. There are useful journey planning websites and apps which show you a range of transport options including time, cost, and route to travel.

Change how you travel

Try an alternative mode to the car and see what difference it makes to your journey.

Cycling is a healthy and often the quickest way to get around the Isleworth area, there are a number of cycling routes which can be found on the LCC website , creating a safer more pleasant environment. The map on LCC shows a number of on road, off road and quieter cycle routes.

Walking is also a healthy option for travelling round the local area and you can often take more direct routes. There are some marked walking routes in the area including the Thames Path as well as Capital Ring walking routes. 

Beat The Street is engaging with schools and community groups in the area, you can find out more on the active travel programme.

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So what is available to you?

Want to increase your cycling confidence or not cycled in a for some time ? Sign up to receive free 1-2-1 cycle training in Hounslow to learn cycle safety and road confidence. 

Access a free rental of a bicycle for 6 weeks to try cycling in Hounslow, if you don't currently own a bike but want to try cycling then Sign up to free trial of a bicycle for a 6 week period to try cycling

Unsure about cycling and what you need to get started? Find out about tips and information on walking and cycling in the borough

There are other ways to travel too, car-sharing, car pooling and public transport options  Want to find out about car-sharing, car pooling or public transport options in the borough? 

Isleworth Train station is upgrading with increased train capacity by 20% (5 carriages instead of 4 and 10 carriages instead of 8) in the next couple of years alongside increased services on Sunday afternoons. 

There are regular trains to and from central London from Isleworth and Syon Lane stations to London Waterloo. 

Change when you travel

Travel at a different time of day to avoid congestion along the route. Journey times are expected to be particularly lengthened at peak times including Northbound on Twickenham road between 08:00-09:00 and Southbound between 16:30-18:00. We advise travelling outside these times to minimise the congestion on Twickenham Road.  

Reduce how much you travel

What journeys do you regularly take in the car that can be reduced? Do you car share or is flexible working possible where you work? Can you arrange to get your shopping to be delivered on a weekly basis? Are there any other journeys that can be reduced? 

Reroute your travel

Twickenham road is expected to see an increase in traffic flow due to displacement of vehicles from Church Street. Is there an alternative route you can take to avoid Twickenham Road?