Air Quality Widget

Guidance for users: users can select a few formats to view the air Quality in their local area (using one of the three icons on the left hand side of the page):

  • Sites view: At the top of the page select 'Authorities', this gives the pollutant levels across a number of different boroughs, and shows the level of pollution at the individual monitoring station. You can also view 'Moderate' and 'Mean' levels of pollution from these monitoring stations. 
  • Maps view: You can select 'hourly' or 'annually' view from the top of the page. From those drop down menus you can select which pollutants you want to view, which gives a good detailed level of pollutants across the map.
  • Forecast view: Gives a predicted forecast of pollution across London.

The air quality widget above is managed by King's College London as part of the Air Quality monitoring programme. The widget can be used to raise awareness of air quality problems in your local area and can help you choose lower polluted routes for walking and cycling trips. 

You can find further air quality information at AirQualityEngland where you can select Hounslow as the local authority.