School Active Travel

STARS (Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe)

4. STARS Logo Slogan

The London Borough of Hounslow runs Transport for London's STARS Accreditation Programme within many of the borough's schools and nurseries. The average journey to school is under 1 km (~10 min walk), however, many of these journeys are often made by car. STARS encourages pupils to travel actively and sustainably to school through championing walking, cycling and scooting!

Schools that have participated in STARS have seen an average 6.0% reduction in trips to school by car, and the scheme can be an excellent way of improving children’s road safety knowledge and their awareness of London’s poor air quality in both a fun and educational way. For more information about STARS click here.

FREE Active Travel Training for Schools

Schools in the London Borough of Hounslow are able to receive the following active travel training for their pupils for no charge;

  • Bikeability training -

Bikeability is delivered by experienced instructors from Parkwood Leisure. Pupils learn basic skills in a playground environment, before moving on-road to learn manoeuvres (turns and overtaking parked vehicles). For more information, click here.

  • Pedestrian skills training - 

Groups of 10-15 are taken outside school with two experienced trainers to identify hazards and dangers to pedestrians, and the right decisions to make to stay safe. For more information, click here.